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African Bloodstone - Cherry Orchard Rough

This is old stock African Bloodstone - Cherry Orchard. The material has excellent color combinations of reds, greens and translucents with some pieces with hints of pyrite running through them. Solid material for sphering, cabbing, bookends, etc. 20 lb minimum order.
From $3.00

Botswana Agate Rough

Plenty of pieces that will cut full face specimens as well as lots of excellent cabbing material.
From $8.00

Carnelian Agate Rough

Carnelian agate that we just found in our most recent trip to China.
From $4.00

China Black Lace Agate Rough

We recently imported this interesting material from China. The material has patterns of black and white fortifications running thru it, similar to the old mexican black lace agate. Most pieces are in the 15-20 lb range. 25 lb minimum order.
From $2.00

Coprolite Rough

From $4.50

Graphic Feldspar Rough

This material is excellent for cutting spheres and carving. The patterning is some of the best that we have seen. We have cut a few spheres from the material and they were very striking and sold immediately. $3.00/lb or $1.75 by the barrel. 20 lb minimum order.
From $1.50

Graveyard Point Plume Agate Rough

Graveyard Point Plume Agate from the Regency Rose Mine. This material runs from fist size up to melon size. Material has plumes that range in color from white to red to butterscotch.
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