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Laguna #1 Grade Agate Nodule Rough

Laguna Agate #1 - This newly mined material with large full nodules with colorful highly-0distinct banding. This quality of material has not been available for more than 20 years. Price per pound

El Sueco #1 Grade Agate Nodule Rough

This material has never been mined on any scale commercially and now is producing some very nice nodules. The exterior of the nodules looks similar to Coyamito, but the banding is wider spaced than most Coyamitos. Colors in purples, yellows, whites and cremes. Price per pound

Coyamito #1 Grade Agate Rough

Mostly whole nodules, ideal for cutting specimens. Price per pound

Island Agate Nodule Rough

In our journeys to the far reaches to the globe, we discovered this amazing agate that has never been mined to produce any volume in the past. We are now offering this spectacular nodular agate rough that provides a very good yield of quality specimens. The colors range from pinks, reds, yellows, tans, blacks, and whites in a variety of different banding patterns. A number of pieces show amazing shadow and are great for both specimens and cabochons. Price per pound

Coyamito #1 Grade Pseudomorph Agate Rough

Pseudomorph formations in both nodules and separate pseudomorph pieces. Price per pound

Agatized Palm Root Rough from Indonesia

Characterized by bright contrasting colors and patterns. Price per pound

Mozambique Agate #1 Grade Rough

Mozambique Agate #1 Grade - also sometimes known as "Swazi Agate". Mostly whole nodules or nodules that can be cut for specimens. Very colorful material with excellent patterns. Colors in purples, whites, raspberry, reds and pinks with nice banding. Some nodules have eyes and inclusions. Price per pound