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Botswana-Like Agate Rough from Malawi

Malawi Botswana-Type Agate with distinct banding and mostly full nodules

Laguna #1 Grade Agate Nodule Rough

Laguna Agate #1 - This newly mined material with large full nodules with colorful highly-0distinct banding. This quality of material has not been available for more than 20 years

Laguna #2 Grade Agate Nodule Rough

Full and partial nodules

Malawi Red Skin #1 Grade Agate Rough

Similar to Mozambique or "Swazi Agate" and excellent for cabbing and tumbling. Colorful in purples, whites, raspberry, red, pink with some nice contrasting bands with mostly full nodules

Moctezuma #1 Grade Agate Nodule Rough

Nodules ideal for cutting specimens with excellent color and pattern. This material is newly mined with much larger nodules than the old surface collected materials

Indonesian Agatized Coral Rough

This coral is ideal for spheres or cabs. The material is very agatized and can also be heat treated to bring out the reds/oranges. Price per pound

Turkish Stick Agate also know as Needle Agate

This unusual agate from Turkey had a bit of everything, banding, sagenite, and psuedomorphs. The rough is very solid and very little fractures compared to other psuedomorph agates. This is execellent material for specimens, cabs or even spheres

Coyamito #1 Grade Agate Rough

Mostly whole nodules, ideal for cutting specimens

Coyamito #1 Grade Pseudomorph Agate Rough

Pseudomorph formations in both nodules and separate pseudomorph pieces

Psilomelane Rough

Crown of Silver Psilomelane Rough from the legendary Crown of Silver Mine in Mexico

Coyamito #2 Grade Pseudomorph Agate Rough

Partial nodules and pseudomorph pieces

Agatized Palm Root Rough from Indonesia

Characterized by bright contrasting colors and patterns

Marcasite in Agate Rough from Indonesia

A highly agatized material with translucent agate, some pieces with whites, reds, pinks and yellows

Indonesian Plume Agate Rough

This is a vein material with plumes in white, black and some yellows. Material has very few fractures and polishes well

El Sueco #1 Grade Agate Nodule Rough

This material has never been mined on any scale commercially and now is producing some very nice nodules. The exterior of the nodules looks similar to Coyamito, but the banding is wider spaced than most Coyamitos. Colors in purples, yellows, whites and cremes

Mozambique Agate #2 Grade Rough

Mozambique Agate #2 Grade - This material also known as "Swazi Agate" is excellent for cabbing and tumbling. Very colorful in purples, whites, raspberry, red, pink with nice contrasting bands

Optical Quartz Rough

Optical Grade Natural Quartz. Most pieces are goose egg size

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